Art for Hope

Art is something that has brought people together and has challenged people to look at the obvious in a different light since the beginning of time. Nature has been an eternal muse to many artists throughout the ages and this is also the case for Dutch wood sculptor Jos Apeldoorn from the small village of Egmond-Binnen. Jos creates the most stunning sculptures from various types of wood, and aside from this he creates beautiful jewelry with a special meaning.

For Taxus for Hope Jos Apeldoorn created a wooden pendant. The pendant is cut from the mature Taxus Baccata branches that sometimes are over 100 years old.

The pendant is a powerful symbol and an artistic expression of the sincere feelings and seriousness that moves us to keep fighting the battle against cancer, it embodies the incredible tenacity of us as human beings, and the always surprising fragility of life.

The philosophy of the artist is written below: 

“ The Taxus symbolizes love. It carries a unique wisdom. Therefore, it can help us process both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. The association with immortality comes from the fact that the Taxus, when left undisturbed, can grow to be some 1000 years old, but also that the tree remains green throughout the year. 

Taxus is also referred to as the “Guardian of Time”. The tree gives insight into your sub consciousness and helps you understand the various parts of being “you” and just “being” in general that are needed to complete the development of your inner self. 

In Great Britain the Taxus is commonly found at cemeteries and around churches. There are also ample stories and texts from ancient times where the Taxus is referred to as a warden against evil. “

The pendant can be ordered by mail, please click the “order button” below to do so. The pendant can also be obtained at fundraisers throughout the country. The profit generated through the sales of the pendants will be donated in full to a cancer related charity. The unique handmade (Taxus) pendant will be wrapped in a colorful gift bag.

  • Pendant on a (black) chord
    7,95 euro a piece
  • Pendant with stainless steel necklace 
    12,95 euro a piece
  • large or small
    (Kindly indicate if you would like a large or small pendant when ordering.)
  • Shipment fee (NL) 
    2,95 euro
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